Vextovravio, also called Stelboystonicus, Templebeforethestorm, Imstillalivecanyoubeliveit, Illputaholeinyoubeforeyoucanputaholeinme,

Mind Type SERVE

ray type SCIENTIST


Distribution of Quahlabah
1. Dispassionate Dicrimination
1. Competitive
1. Cool
1. Gifts of the Spirit
1. Supercessionary
3. Faith
3. Groovy Adventurous
3. Freewheeling Delerium
3. Self Enriching
3. Self Healing
3. Enthusiasm
3. Seriously Mercenary
3. Reward or Punishment
3. Stately Fecundity

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Vextovravio can shoot five peopel, accurately, in the space of two breaths.

The Vextovravio machine must inevitably fall prey to real USC Vextovravios.