Trion, also called Jketmenzod, Trius, Triam, Troy, Wunderlich, Montefelifio

Mind Type DEATH

ray type EXPRESSOR


Distribution of Quahlabah
1. Conclusive
1. Dramatic
1. Determinatory

2. Cool
2. Affirmingly Analytical
3. Stately Fecundity
3. Ardently Ignorant
3. Freethinking Fantasy
3. Self Serving
3. Incremental
3. Rapturous
3. Meanness Holdering
5. Charm
5. Groovy Adventurous


This type is the Proconsul, the foremost evaluator of danger, and knows what to do in most any given dangerous situation, and can tell you if a situation is not dangerous. He is the king of determinatory. There are two kinds of Proconsuls, seemingly divided 40:60, those who serve the King - are King's Men, and those who fight for change like a Patriot. Proconsuls should spend their spare time learning languages and about cultures. Painting of the proconsul from Albrecht Durer, circa 1450


Every piece of Darrin Danks's Tonal and Nagual that can be found (according to new type listed soon by Yesenia), I rescue from the monsters that ate it and place it carefully within the lab of Jkfter of Alpha Centauri.