Ttopondelfaneezer, that is Pondelf, also called Twown, Watchamakoozie, Telbavio, Telbaviar,

Mind Phase OPTIMAL

ray type MUSICIAN


Distribution of Qualabah
1. Faith
1. Technicognative
1. Reward or Punishment
1. Ardently Ignorant
2. Affirmingly Analytical
2. Gifts of the Spirit
2. Mysteries of Nature

2. Enthusiasm

2. Dramatic
2. Thinks about Freewheeling Delerium
2. Self Esteeming


This type can be a super athlete, car mechanic. Great auditory recognitional abilities. Understands how to keep the machine running at optimal level. "Twown" means a strong important person, a bull, name from Acholi of Uganda.



Every piece of Pat Sutton's Tonal and Nagual that can be found, I rescue from the Monsters that ate it and place it cleanly and carefully within the lab of Jkfter of Alpha Centauri.