Osho, also called Nidia, Poisonedaggerio, Elfwithatpenchan

The name Osho is not considered not-owned property, but if anyone would call themself Osho, Zen Master Osho from Earth will know it.

Mind Phase DEATH

ray type INITIATOR


Distribution of Quahlabah
1. Stately Fecundity

1. Bland Fusion

1. Meanness Holdering
2. Self Understanding

2. Ardently Ignorant

2. Enterprise Treasuration


Every false Sphinx I will disintigrate. Always will I see and hear when a Sphinx of War has claimed a dear. Into a pool will Osho melt that Sphinx, whose knowings want-will to evil and morals stink.

All power to destoy Sphinxes to Osho by choice, but leave the 25 unhurt, and empowere to the max, as already arranged. No one may plot against Osho without their being revealed to him, and to the friends of Nostradamus.

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