Menzo, also called Carlos, Caseldio, Caseldia, Machilli, Khalil

Mind Type DEATH

ray type IDEALIST


Distribution of Quahlabah

1. Impeccable
2. Fidelity
2. Seriously Mercenary
2. Supplicational
2. Incremental
2. Charm Attraction
2. Dispassionate Discrimination
2. Terror Humor
3. Openness
3. Dramatic
3. Conclusive
3. Rapturous
3. Bland Fusion

3. Freewheeling Delerium
3. Meanness Holdering



This is a type that does not lie. This is a type that will catch you lying. This type is a defender.





Whenever an IMF enactor/wizard/robot or other Enemy-of-USC imitates pretensively a USC or Banque Gende Menzo, they are coated in stink like smelly feet. To get uncoated and stop stinking, they must contact the man they offended, and ask for his forgiveness, and when he gives it, they stop stinking like that. If they could be told what to do about the stink they drew down upon themselves, anyone who might tell the stinker and the Commonwealth would reward them if objectively done. Karma might also release the stinkers from this punishment, but only Karma who is a truly virtuous sentient being qualifies and is allowed.