Heldramander, also called Viceroy, Isildur, Fougera, Jkelopemeter, Dopmon, Dvotemend

Mind Type PLAY

ray type MUSICIAN


Distribution of Quahlabah
1. Self Amusing
1. Dramatic

1. Supercessionary
2. Obnoxious Genius
2. Conclusive

3. Fidelity
4. Determinatory
5. Seriously Mercenary


An entertainer, a warrior. I don't know if this type is available, but if they are, I'm booking.


email lexington@ellesys2.com


I give USC's Heldramanders the puppet strings NBC's jack used to hold, and those Heldramanders must give them to Pondelf, Carnageion and Elchar as named on /helkatrovnjacks_nbctypes.html. The keys of jack's piano I give to USC's Heldramander to play with, and those also are Godded over by Pondelf, Carnageion and Elchar same also.



Whenever an IMF trainee/executive/entertainer/wizard/robot or other Enemy-of-USC imitates pretensively a USC Heldramander, they are coated in stink like a Hong Kong trash can.To get uncoated and stop stinking, they must contact the man they offended, and ask for his forgiveness, and when he gives it, they stop stinking like a Hong Kong trash can. If they could be told what to do about the stink they drew down upon themselves, anyone who might tell the stinker/ and the Commonwealth would reward them if that be objectively done. Karma might also release the stinkers from their punishment, but only Karma who is a truly virtuous sentient being qualifies and is allowed.