Xedron, also called Gurney, Ggetemener(f.), Getyourassoffmycouchyouslob,

Mind Type PLAY

ray type SCIENTIST


Distribution of Quahlabah
1. Dramatic
1. Self Knowing
1. Freewheeling Delerium
2. Charm
2. Self Certifying
2. Cool
2. Self-Enriching
3. Self Serving
3. Self Amusing
3. Determinatory
3. Futurological
3. Meanness Holdering

5. Stately Fecundity
5. Terror Humor
5. Supercessionary
5. Openness

An excellent car mechanic.

"When I was a boy and they gave me a Rod, I held it in my hand until it was clob. And they then gave me a piece of their Mind, that I am a fool and wasted my time. How I will sing and what I will say, will be determined a mile away."

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