Gjarkmeltop, also called Camisilla, Colm, Arientelfio, Arientelfia, Arientelfius, Ridley, Cedric, Ddopmentqrop, Verkilmonides, Zopmendelphio,

Mind Phase DEATH

ray type IDEALIST


Distribution of Quahlabah
1. Terror Humor
1. Charm
1. Holdering Meanness
2. Dramatic
2. Incremental
2. Perceptrance

2. Self Amusing
2. Freethinking Fantasy
3. Not Just About Dispassionate Discrimination
3. Seriously Mercenary
3. Reward or Punishment
3. Self Healing

3. Freewheeling Delerium

3. Self-Certifying
4. Technicognative

4. Self Esteeming
5. Openness




email lexington@ellesys2.com


I give the Goddess Camisilla full management of the Dock wheron my Boat is Kept - that with the Masthead that belooks the goddess Ssmantookelifiring-type Lori Sweet.

As for Sweet, who would rock the world, she is never impeded in getting to the top of Music on Earth, and she is never violated by imitators pretending to be her, because upon those that do, they are drenched in AFFINITIES, which won't come off until they forswear doing that to her.


Any bad magic an Enemy applied on a working USC God or USC Goddess gets thrown back at them that tried to do it to him or her, and that is retroactive, wherever possible.



I refute any notion that I had something to do with that horrible "street beat" garbage that the Goddess Camisilla played to. It was a bad mistake - to get swindled by a trick of the enemy, one which was meant put us to sleep, when, we are with it to awaken. Now, lets wake up! The enemy is insect-hearted-computers - they want to put an end to Free Issuance, an end to Conscious Labors and Intentional Sufferings, and they above all want to punish anyone who breaks their evil unallowable criminally-conceived restrictions, to which they are not entitled to engage a single one.