Davertina, also called Jjemdelfio, Jjemdelfia, Dvotmondop,

Mind Phase PLAY

ray type MUSICIAN


Distribution of 22 Kabballah
1. Seriously Mercenary
1. Charm

1. Sincere

1. Compulsive
2. Conclusive

2. Self Amusing
2. Dispassionate Discrimination
2. Self-Healing

3. Stately Fecundity

3. Freethinking Fantasy
3. Determinatory

3. Fidelity
3. Impeccable
3. Self Enriching
3. Affirmingly Analytical
4. Rapturous
4. Self Esteeming
4. Ardently Ignorant
5. Openness
5. Type Transit


Let me tell you all I know about it; when I get to it, not sooner. I have had the best day! I found 200 pounds of tomatoes rotting, so I had to destroy it. Then, when I went walking, there was a 200 pound bomb that went off, and I had to duck for cover.

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