Belvingadhi, also called Buford, Goldwin, Radd, Cameron, Frankfur, Chuy, Mercy, Oral, Reed, Burford


ray type PLAYER


Distribution of Quahlabah
1. Bland Fusion
1. Self Certifying
2. Openness
2. Enthusiasm
2. Rapturous
3. Self Serving
3. Supplicational
3. Dramatic
3. Incremental
3. Conclusive
4. Perceptrance
5. Terror Humor
5. Enthusiasm

oo o

THE BUFORD TYPE IS the key to peace enforcement. Wise, tough, and quick to make a decision, the Buford would separate violent from nonviolent members of the population, because in a free society, only the violent are ever locked up. Buford goes into "Dark Tom" when challenged with injustice.


I give the real, true and good USC Principals the power to kill any cop who gets in their way. The Principal can also let them out of an early death.

Every false Principal is exposed to USC Principal 00, 000, 0000, or 1



Any bad magic any enemy applied on USC Principal, his house, or his pals or his wife gets thrown back at them (or into something else) and that is retroactive, wherever possible.