Argusto, also called Doobrassio, Lastinghaus, Meetmeatthecornerforcoffeeathalfpast3, Iamasonofgodsoareyou, Gofornus, Deformus,

Mind Phase DEATH

ray type IDEALIST


Distribution of Quahlabah
1. Enthusiasm
1. Self Understanding
1. Obnoxious Genius
2. Freewheeling Delerium
2. Openness
2. Rapturous
2. Self Serving
3. Meanness Holdering
5. Self Esteeming


When I was a boy I wrote a silly little rhyme. It sat for a while till it told me the time. My sister Millie had a dog for a pet. When she was ill it took all it could get. The Days of Our lives are smaller and still. I coughed up the money till he gave me a pill. At the end of "Time" one thing is sure: There won't be a microsoft bird hanging on my door. Oh give me the money or give me Hell!? When will I get something to Sell.